Introducing: American Mimosa

Welcome to the vibrant world of American Mimosa, where style finds its rhythm alongside the sea breeze and the fabulous ride the waves. From our sassy high-cut, no-apologies-needed sporty bikinis to our triple-layered, mix-and-match wonders, our designs wrap you in comfort like a sun-kissed hug.

Who's behind the magic?

Gemma, our fearless fashion trailblazer, embarked on an extraordinary journey that gave birth to American Mimosa. Armed with a Master of Science in Global Fashion Enterprise and a passport full of style and research adventures she delved deep into the heart of China's fast fashion and luxury brand factories in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Beijing. 

The intricate threads of the global textile supply chain have shaped her unshakeable belief in celebrating the artistry of high-quality swimwear made ethically and sustainably. 

Once known as The GEMMA Label, Gemma has curated a treasure trove of exceptional creations that echo her philosophy.

  • SS18: "Girls Who Like Art"
  • SS19: "East Coast Cowgirl"
  • SS20-21: "GEMMA Island"

Our beachy charm has graced the pages of:

  • Philadelphia University Alumni 2016
  • Philly Current Magazine Picks Issue 2021

So, join us on this sun-soaked journey. Let's sip mimosas, ride the waves of style, and paint the shores with our fabulousness together! 🥂🌊